Prof. William Wagner to Speak on Good Governance Principles in South America

Professor William Wagner travels to meet with high level executive, legislative, and judicial officials of two South American nations this May and June.  During this Rule of Law trip, Professor Wagner presents, in various forums: Navigating to the City on the Hill – How One’s Worldview Affects the Destiny of a Nation.

In this presentation, Professor Wagner will discuss the value of Christian virtue in good governance. Here he looks at law, liberty, and governance from two different philosophical worldviews.  The first perspective views law through a traditional Objectivist Worldview Lens, where humans discover law from an inviolable self-evident standard revealed in Divine/Natural Law.  The second perspective views law through a Subjectivist Worldview Lens, where humans create law utilizing an ever-evolving morally relative secular model.  What are the implications for good governance under the rule of law if the nations shift their predominant philosophical-legal paradigm to reject objective truth for a subjective morally relative, ever evolving worldview? Professor Wagner answers this question using powerful examples from legal history.