Justice Center Files Federal Lawsuit to Protect Children and Families

Today the Great Lakes Justice Center filed a federal lawsuit to protect children and families.

Lawsuit Responds to Sexual Policies

The Justice Center filed the civil rights lawsuit on behalf of parents and students. The lawsuit names the Williamston Community School District and six School Board members as defendants. The lawsuit alleges numerous civil rights and constitutional violations. It further charges the School Board acted outside its legal authority. To read the full complaint, click here. The parents and students ask the Federal Court declare the policies unconstitutional and to permanently prevent their implementation.

David A. Kallman serves as Senior Counsel at the Great Lakes Justice Center. He is the lead attorney in the lawsuit. Kallman remarked, “Common sense and common decency demand that biologically intact boys should not be showering with girls. Nor should boys be allowed to use girls’ bathroom and locker room. Nor should a boy take a girl’s spot on an athletic team.” Kallman added, “parents should not be denied critical health information about their children.”

Lawsuit Fights for Truth and Justice

All citizens have a right to privacy and dignity. This lawsuit seeks to confirm that truth.

From a local school board, to the Supreme Court, the Great Lakes Justice Center defends truth and protects liberty. The Center’s attorneys tirelessly champion the cause of the defenseless and oppressed. The Great Lakes Justice Center is a non-profit organization. To support its important work, please visit the Center’s website by clicking here.