Legislative Leaders Ask AG for Opinion on Commission’s Malfeasance

The Michigan Legislature wants the Attorney General  to determine whether the Michigan Civil Rights Commission acted beyond its legal authority.  The Commission,  under the guise of an interpretative statement, amended Michigan’s Civil Rights Law to add additional protected categories of sexual orientation and gender identity. The Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House  requested the Attorney General  to provide an official opinion.

Restoring Good Governance at the Commission

The civil rights agency’s malfeasance  undermines the rule of law.  Moreover, its action corruptly violates the separation of powers required in Michigan’s Constitution. Thus, to restore governance, I publicly called on the legislature to make this request.  I am pleased that the legislature had the courage to do the right thing here.  I hope, therefore, the AG will expedite his review and issue an official opinion as soon as possible.  Please contact the Office of the Michigan Attorney General and ask him to issue an Opinion that restores the Rule of Law.