Warrior Table Easter 2019

Presenting Apologists: AARON WENTZ & BRIAN HARMON

Thursday April 11, 2019


Did Jesus Really Rise after Being Dead? If so, doesn’t that change everything?

RSVP at: www.thewarriorstable.com

INVITE a friend– Dinner is Free

Hawk Hollow Golf Club: 15501 Chandler Rd. Bath MI

5:30 p.m. Social – 6:30p.m. Dinner

We prepare as men of faith for Easter– remembering and focusing our roles as fathers, husbands, workers, and friends for the Easter Weekend.  The Warrior’s Table’s purpose is to gather men who’s believe in God and are not afraid to say so. We gather to just be men — enjoying life, excitement, adventure, and friendship.  But, we remember our source of joy, excitement, and peace comes not from our own talents or efforts, but from Christ.