Can We Have “Social Justice”…without Jesus?

One of the most dramatic moments of world history is underway right now…and few seem to understand it. America has been turned upside down by riots, looting, chaos, mayhem and murder in an attempt to find something that is being called “social justice.” What started out as some local police problems with a few people has been turned into a worldwide movement to overthrow America and other nations as we have known them. Once this revolution accomplishes its goals, life is supposed to return to “normal” because we will have achieved a paradise of “social justice.” However, no one is quite sure how you make this happen when the means you use to bring “social justice” destroys the very social order you are trying to save with injustice. But like most things that are based on lies, no one is allowed to ask any questions for now. Someday we are told, after the revolution, everything will start to be “clear” as we begin to live in our “social justice” paradise.

The Problem of Undefinability

But the glaring and troubling problem with this “social justice” revolution is that no one on earth, even its most ardent supporters, have any idea of what “social justice” is really about. Not a single person on earth can define it. Just ask them. In the end, no one can define it because it doesn’t exist…as conceived by them. But that is not something anyone will tell you right now. If anyone decides to ask those troubling questions about its definition or “what is it?” they will be attacked as “racists” or some other term designed to eliminate any further discussion. So, imagine for a moment then, that the whole world is being burned to the ground by a group of people that are willing to die for “social justice,” but that none of them has the slightest idea of what it is, what they are doing or why they are doing it. Welcome to the brave, new world of “social justice.”

The Unholy Motive – Power to Control

Now if you spent an entire week searching the internet and tried to arrive at a clear definition of “social justice” you would fail. But it is this vague, unclear, undefined concept of “social justice” that creates its draw and power for people. Since no one can define it,  we begin to see that this movement has never really been about seeking justice of any kind at all. This movement is about gaining power…not justice. According to the Wikipedia article on “social justice,” this is the problem that lies behind this term. Author Michael Novak makes this exact point in the article when he says,

…whole books and treatises have been written about social justice without ever defining it. It is allowed to float in the air as if everyone will recognize an instance of it when it appears. This vagueness seems indispensable. The minute one begins to define social justice, one runs into embarrassing intellectual difficulties. It becomes, most often, a term of art whose operational meaning is, “We need a law against that.” In other words, it becomes an instrument of ideological intimidation, for the purpose of gaining the power of legal coercion.

Novak ends his comments above with the bottom line of “social justice,” namely its real goal is gaining power through intimidation and legal coercion. Sadly, that EXACT story has taken America by storm. Hundreds of our corporations, local businesses and communities are now being told they need to support “social justice” or face the consequences. This has coercively led Americans, at all levels of our society, to being blackmailed out of millions of dollars for protection money. If our corporations, businesses or certain individuals don’t “pay up” they will face the backlash of rejecting this undefined agenda and be labelled “racist.” Americans have never seen anything like this chaos because it has never happened before. As a result, multitudes are clueless about what to do. It is almost as if America has been taken over by a criminal gang that uses fear to control the streets and gain power from everyone.

Social Justice-

The Movement’s Foundation in Marxism

Now if you go back and look at the term, “social justice” you will find it is rooted in Communist thought and principles. From the beginning of Communist thought with Karl Marx, the Russian Revolution of 1917 and beyond, the goal of Communism has always been to destroy the social order of economic “injustices” under Capitalism by redistributing everything to make life “just and fair.” This is where we get the term “social justice.” That is the origin of it, not what we are being told by others in the modern version of it we see and hear about today. But the early Communists like Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and others were not focused or interested in any issues about race. So, when we find out that Black Lives Matter’s founders are trained Marxists it all starts to make sense. The current revolution going on today to supposedly address “systemic racism” in America has nothing to do with race at all. Their real agenda is Communist in nature and deals with gaining power so they can control America’s economic system and make it “just” and thereby create “social justice”. That is always the goal that drives any Communist revolution or takeover of a society….even here in America.

The Diabolical Agenda to Remove God

This deep Marxist/Communist connection to the “social justice” movement also explains an even deeper agenda that is also driving this revolution. Like all Communists, their goal is to remove God from society and replace God with themselves as the new gods. Marx himself hated God, wanted to dethrone God and believed that he had sold himself to the devil and his attempted takeover of the world. So, when Marxism and Communism began to influence the 20th century with over 100 million deaths and murders under its regimes, we can’t be surprised that all of these evil acts were done out of a demonic worldview that totally rejected God altogether. The removal of God from Marxist ethics allowed for, and even encouraged, human atrocities and cruelty to flourish because they had no one to answer to for their crimes. God was dead to them. For them, this life is all there will ever be. All of them believed the lie from the Garden in Genesis 3 that they could be gods. Sadly, you see this exact same pattern coming from Black Lives Matter and other groups that feel they are “justified” burning, looting and killing others to protest the supposed “injustices” against them. These groups have no ethics driving them other than a search for power to bring in their Communist agenda.

The Bible and Real Justice

Now contrast the chaos surrounding the “social justice” movement that is attempting to destroy America with the idea of real justice contained in the Bible. Biblically speaking, all real justice is directly and clearly connected to the breaking of God’s laws. These divinely inspired laws were specific, clear and defined. The Lord gave humanity His laws starting in the Garden with Adam and Eve when they were told not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in Genesis 2:16-17. God’s laws were also outlined throughout the Old Testament and contained 613 specific commandments that defined exactly what the Lord required. Nothing regarding the law and God’s system of justice was left to opinion or changing cultural views of life. It was clear at every turn. As a result, the entire idea regarding right and wrong and what was meant by sin was understood by the people. What was also clearly understood in the Bible was that these sins had to be punished for there to be any real and lasting justice.

The way sin was punished and dealt with was through the sacrificial system established by the Lord in and through the Tabernacle and Temples of Israel. This divine justice, established by God, always required a blood sacrifice to be made on behalf of any person who had sinned or broken the Lord’s specifics laws and commandments. The writer of Hebrews underscores this Biblical principle in Hebrews 9:22 where we hear,

In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.

Hence the Bible establishes that any justice be connected to a clear system of God’s laws that could only be satisfied by making a blood sacrifice. This is the ONLY system of justice that ever existed because it was and is divine in origin. Only God Almighty could define true justice because only the Lord knew what was wrong and how to make it right. Ultimately, all of these desires to define and bring justice to the world came together in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to fulfill God’s eternal justice system through His death on the Cross. The Apostle Paul speaks to this divine justice of the Lord Jesus’ death in Romans 3:25-26 where we hear,

God presented him as a sacrifice of atonement, through faith in his blood. He did this to demonstrate his justice, because in his forbearance he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished, he did it to demonstrate his justice at the present time, so as to be just and the one who justifies those who have faith in Jesus.

This passage from the Apostle is the central passage of the Bible that ties ALL justice issues to the atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ. It clearly outlines that no concept of justice could be discussed, let alone created or established, apart from it and what Christ has done for us.

Now as we begin to compare this idea of “social justice” against God’s justice, as found in the Gospel and Christ’s death for sin, we can begin to clearly see the issues at hand. Since “social justice” has no laws or commandments that define it, it cannot bring any justice to anyone. The only thing “social justice” creates is injustice because everyone has a different idea of how to define it depending on their cultural views of “right” and “wrong.” But since cultures are always changing and people have no way to apply those changing standards to people in a consistent way “social justice” has to create injustice every time. Communists, Marxists, Socialists, members of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and every other group are no less culturally conditioned than the Nazis or Ku Klux Klan in their view of what constitutes “justice”. Therefore, every such group must fail in bringing any justice to the world because they do not have a unifying law or principle that serves as an unchanging benchmark against which their attempt to find and apply justice is measured.

So, what we see going on today in America is two systems of justice at war with one another.  This same battle has also entered into our political life as a nation.  The current anger, rage and bitterness going on in American politics is directly connected to these very issues. The one system called “social justice” is a human centered system that makes no attempt to look outside of fallen humanity for a way to define or establish anything that is connected to bringing real justice. The other system flows from God alone and an eternal system of laws and commandments that never change. This system is also the only system that has defined ways to bring real justice when those laws are violated or broken. This system ultimately led to the Christian Gospel, the Lord’s love for the world and the wonderful way that the Lord brought justice to us for breaking His laws through the justice of the Cross.  This divinely inspired system is also why our national motto is “In God We Trust”.  One system brings bondage, anarchy, lawlessness and chaos, while the Lord’s plan brings order, freedom, peace, new life and real justice for all.


IF there was ever a time for the Church to share the Gospel with a broken world it is NOW. Instead of bowing to the lie of “social justice,” the Lord’s Church needs to proclaim the message of God’s real justice in Christ more than ever. May the Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel ring forth everywhere today and may our world find the true justice in Him alone that we all long for in this hour of social unrest and chaos.

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