Anna Cool

Anna Cool is a regular contributor to SLG Witness. She loves the Lord, loves to write and loves life; although it wasn’t always in that order.  Growing up in the Puget Sound area before color TV was invented (imagine!) she spent her drizzly days reading, writing, exploring the forests next door and dreaming of being a pilot like her parents.

After college she worked for Boeing and her Industrial Engineering degree flourished into a Project management position with over 100 hours of flight training; but still no Jesus.  Then, like many others, “life” hit pretty hard and she discovered the only way to fill that yearning hole in her heart was by God’s living Word and presence in her life.  Understanding much more about Christianity than she did while dreaming of flying or working a career, she gave Jesus the steering wheel to her life.  She resigned from the Aerospace long work hours in order to be a stay-at- home-mom and trusted that God would provide either through her artwork or through a different way.  She became involved in the Christian Counseling ministry, a Bible Study leader and then added the challenge of completing a graduate degree at Dallas Theological Seminary.  She is involved with a hospital ministry and a writing ministry at her local church.