Academy Programs

Equipping the Universal Church to Engage the Culture

SLG Lectures, Conferences, Seminars and Symposia – Equipping the Christian Citizenry and Engaging the Cultural Worldview of the Day  

Salt & Light Global hosts stirring lectures on law, public policy, and constitutional governance from a Biblical worldview perspective. These addresses, known as the Salt & Light Global Lectures, are presented in a wide variety of international, national, state, and local forums. The intended audience for the Lectures includes lay individuals, students, business owners, and executive, legislative, and judicial leaders. SLG sponsors conferences, seminars, and the Worldviews Collide Symposium, debating worldview issues related to law, public policy, and constitutional governance. These programs often include internationally prominent Christian presenters from the highest levels of government, business, civic society, academia, and elsewhere.

SLG Courses – Providing Preeminent Biblical Education

Expository Teaching CourseFocused on Knowing God’s Word – In this course students learn the proper way to: 1) Discover and observe what scripture says; 2) Interpret Scripture Accurately; and 3) Apply Scripture Correctly and Practically.

Apologetics Course – Focused on defending Biblical Truth –  In this course we focus on the credibility of the Word of God. Unique in its solid discipleship and apologetic substance, the course connects the heart and the brain as the Holy Spirit does its work.

Worldviews Collide CourseFocused on Law, Policy, and Constitutional Good Governance – Equipping the universal church, Salt & Light Global provides intensive Biblical worldview instruction focused on law, policy, and good governance. During the courses, students learn how and why colliding worldviews impact liberty and the rule of law. Designed to educate and equip Christians for citizen statesmanship, these courses teach the faithful how to understand and respond to impending threats to their freedom. Salt & Light Global provides this instruction all around the world through courses that range in length from one day to two weeks.

SLG Strategic Council – Connecting Distinguished Scholars and Policy Experts

Salt & Light Global builds relationships with academic institutions, scholars, and policy experts from around the world. The network forms the Strategic Council – a group of individuals who aid Salt & Light Global in strategically witnessing and defending Permanent Principles through independent research, writing, teaching, and speaking via a Christian Worldview. The scholarship produced from this research works toward eradicating the “living constitution” jurisprudence, entering Academia’s marketplace of ideas, credibly and persuasively competing there.

SLG Wilberforce Fellowship – Training up Disciples Who Engage the Culture

The SLG Academy hosts a discipleship program that provides in-depth teaching on Permanent Principles and long-term mentoring to aid participants in applying their knowledge to law, policy, and governance. Coupled with the teaching and mentoring components, the SLG Wilberforce Fellowship requires students to actively engage the culture by, among other things: serving the needy; monitoring government actions affecting unalienable liberty; informing the public of current threats to religious conscience; or assisting those speaking for the persecuted. Upon successfully completing the discipleship program, participants become SLG Wilberforce Fellows – named in honor of William Wilberforce, the Christian member of the British Parliament who successfully spearheaded the abolition of the slave trade.

SLG Publishing – Providing quality books and other publications for His Glory

Salt & Light Global publishes textbooks, workbooks, and other teaching materials for self-study or for use by educational institutions desiring to teach law, policy, and constitutional good governance from a Biblical natural law worldview.1

SLG Witness – Engaging the Culture and Equipping Christians through Social, National, and International Media

SLG regularly comments on the positive impact of Christianity on the culture. Because Truth needs a witness, SLG also comments on deteriorating cultural developments and abuses of government power. Affiliated academic scholars and policy experts regularly tweet, blog, podcast, and provide interviews to TV, Radio, and print media. SLG always produces its media programs with an eye toward preserving and shining inalienable Truth and Christian love in the culture for God’s glory. By strategically employing a wide variety of media, Salt & Light Global enhances and expands its ability to inform and engage the culture. Importantly, SLG Witness shines light on the devious use of the illusionary “living constitution” approach to law and governance, (e.g., persuasively engaging the culture on the issues of abortion, marriage, and opposite sex access to your child’s public school bathroom and shower – as well as the proper role of the judiciary in constitutional governance.

  1. Eventually SLG hopes to produce a scholarly journal to discuss the intersection between faith, law, and policy. The Journal of Apologetics, Law, and Liberty will publish scholarly articles and essays written by academics, policy experts, and, where possible, exceptional students. Approaching topics from a Biblical perspective, these pieces engage the cultural worldview of the day on a wide variety of issues including: Christian ethics; morality; liberty; law; policy; and constitutional good governance. Salt & Light Global seeks to produce exceptional student scholarship in hopes of developing the next generation’s skill and desire to engage in law, policy, and good governance.