Anatomy of Post-Truth SCOTUS Confirmation


Angel Cook

…in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.  — Gen. 1:27

What is a woman?

Historically, children as young as elementary age could answer this question without a hint of ambiguity. However, when a Senate panel asked Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to define the word woman, during the confirmation hearings, the then Supreme Court Justice nominee stated, “I can’t…not in this context, I’m not a biologist.”  By unpacking those 10 words (I can’t…not in this context, I’m not a biologist), we are confronted with worldly ideological ideas that have negatively penetrated society.

The Ideological Deception

Let’s start with not being able to define woman. Judge Jackson pronounced that in the “current context,” she could not give a definition of woman. The current context refers to the ideological belief that more than two genders exist (some argue there are 12 plus genders). Under this falsely deceptive system, defining woman becomes nonscientific, confusing, problematic, and mentally challenging. Not being able to define what a woman is rips away at the very fabric of the importance of being a woman. For instance, when a biological male competes in women’s sports because he identifies as a woman, the line of demarcation between man and woman becomes virtually invisible, creating mental and emotional instability in the process. When children are introduced to a plethora of pronouns to indicate their “preferred” gender, this introduces confusion at the very least, and constitutes child abuse or worse at the most. When a now sitting Supreme Court Justice cannot (or refuses) to define what a woman is, when the educational system tells little boys and little girls that the biological body they were born in doesn’t matter, when society spearheads mass confusion over what it means to be a woman, it’s time to go back to the beginning when male and female were first created.

Returning to God the Creator

It’s time to go back to the Creator. It was God who created woman. God created both man and woman on Day 6 of creation and God, not being the author of confusion, distinguished Adam as man and Eve as woman. Thus, every biological girl born after Eve is a little girl and every biological boy born after Adam is a little boy. So with that said, Judge Jackson did get one part right when she said “I’m not a biologist,” because inadvertently the Judge was actually admitting that defining woman is rooted in biology, and not psychology (identifying according to feelings). Thank God that He gave us a blue print of who we are, and how we came to be and it is incumbent upon us to share this truth to the current culture and lift them out of the confusion and mental traps of the enemy.

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