Big Win for Life and our Justice Center



At the urging of SLG’s Great Lakes Justice Center and others, the US Supreme Court has agreed to review a Mississippi law banning most abortions.  The Justice Center’s participation in this case is part of Prof. Wagner’s strategic vision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the SCOTUS case creating the right to kill a pre-born child.
SLG’s Great Lakes Justice Center, was one of the few organizations in the country that understood the Court would likely take this case.  We were, therefore, one of only a few filing briefs in this case in connection with the petition before the court. We represented the American Association of OB/GYN Pro-life Doctors.
Salt & Light Global and the Great Lakes Justice Center continues to fight for the #sanctityoflife as the Supreme Court decides this case.  We present our arguments to the court next month in a Supreme Court amicus brief.

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