William Wagner

Professor Wagner is an internationally recognized expert in constitutional law and good governance. In academia, he holds the rank of Distinguished Professor Emeritus. As lead amicus counsel in many matters before the U.S. Supreme Court, he authored briefs on behalf of various Christian organizations. He has further addressed many executive, legislative, parliamentary, and judicial audiences throughout the world, and presented at various diplomatic forums including the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva. Professor Wagner’s public service includes serving as a Federal judge in the United States Courts, legal counsel in the U.S. Senate, senior assistant United States attorney in the Department of Justice, and as an American diplomat. Professor Wagner currently serves as President of Salt & Light Global. Soli Deo Gloria.

The American Constitution protects unalienable liberty and provides the political structure necessary for functional representative governance. In this book, Professor Wagner explores how an unelected judiciary furthers democratic values when it honestly interprets a Constitutional provision to discern its truthful meaning. He then shows how judges threaten the constitutional order when they engage in politically unaccountable creation of new meaning. Here he explains, by analyzing constitutional challenges to Christian displays, how malleable judicial interpretation destroys constitutional structures and safeguards.

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Professing concern for preserving the integrity of legal institutions, bar authorities enact codes of professional conduct. Institutional integrity though, cannot exist without some underlying concept of moral virtue. Our hope for institutional integrity depends less on adopting codes of professional conduct, than on whether moral virtue exists in the hearts of lawyers subject to these codes. God’s standards of virtue, which transcend the human-crafted standards of professional ethics, move us down a narrow road toward greater professional integrity in our legal institutions. With the help of our forgiving God who wrote the Law above our laws, may we commit to journey down that road together.

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