Democratic Socialism is Dangerous



Government built on Democratic Socialism threatens liberty.  Contrast the good governance under our Constitution. For over 220 years, this extraordinary document, along with the Declaration of Independence, continues to serve us well .  The envy of the world, its design intentionally limits the exercise of government authority and protects individual liberty. Drifting back toward an old failed idea though, a new generation naively  promotes a more ominous form of government, Democratic Socialism.

Democratic Socialism – False Narrative

Convinced a cradle to grave nanny state can provide for them, they ignore history. Thus, they also ignore current events exposing the flaws of the very form of government they promote. Blindly emphasizing “equality” and “social justice” their dream utopia consistently fails in real life.

Just look at Venezuela.  Here, basic rights to life, liberty, and property previously flourished. Once one of the richest countries in the region, an elected Democratic Socialist Government stole these basic rights.  First, the right of private property disappeared when authorities nationalized industry.  Then, individuals lost the right to freedom of speech when the government restricted expression.  Thereafter, they lost the right to life as starvation and lawlessness run rampant.  The Supreme Court of Venezuela moved to nearby Bogotá, Columbia, due to its inability to safely preside at home.

Socialism to Dictatorship

Socialism always turns into a dictatorship.  Before embracing democratic socialism, visit Venezuela.  People starve. Others get murdered in front of police. Authorities limit access to utilities like water to ten minutes a day.  Do you want to live like that?  As for me and a majority of thinking Americans, the answer is a resounding NO!

Baby boomers like myself grew up at a time when our parents’ remembrance of World War II was still fresh in their minds.  They had just finished winning a fight with a democratic socialist state – Germany. The citizens of Germany elected a Democratic Socialist. He became a dictator, and we all should know how that turned out.


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