Governor Cuomo & Moloch



What does Andrew Cuomo and the Biblical Moloch have in common?

New York State is the first state to legalize murder.  In New York the most vulnerable stage of life is in the womb. Any unborn child may face the possibility of murder without cause or justification.  The high priest of this new law is Andrew Cuomo, who on January 22, 2019 singed into law the most liberal abortion bill in the nation.

The Ramifications

Like the priest of Moloch will we sacrifice a generation to the convenience of the most brutal form of birth control? The Governor of New York, Assembly, and Senate enacted this law legalizing the taking of a child’s life, right up to the point of birth. In similar fashion the priest of Moloch sacrificed children to appease the idol.  Cuomo appeased his base by sacrificing the lives of helpless children.  There is much blood on his hands. 

Where will this end?  If we sacrifice the unborn when convenient, why not kill the elderly?  Why not kill the those who the government labels mentally deficient, or the severally handicapped?  Will government revoke the medical licenses of pro-life doctors who refuse to perform abortions?

God and the Value of Human Life

The western value of human life is found in the concept of man being made in the image of God. We are made of the earth and have received the very breath of life from God.  This concept has to do with the fact that we are made of dust and will return to dust. The name Adam is derived from the Hebrew word earth.  Because the gift of human life has a common sacred source, all persons have inherent value.  No person, even a  physician, holds the right to take this gift of life away. 


Abortion Murder

Let us be clear. Abortion is a life ending procedure. New York’s Governor claims his new law advances liberty.  Will he call it liberty when, in his old age, he faces to possibility of legalized euthanasia? When we allow government to control whose life is useful to society, the end result is always murder.  Who decides what is a “quality life?”  Who determines when the cost of keeping a patient alive outweighs pulling the plug due to medical cost?  Natural death is a way of life.  Intervention to speed up the death process (e.g.,due to cost, or other reasons) is murder.

Hypocrisy and Politics

Finally, too many politicians appeal to their support base by playing the religion card. Governor Cuomo professes one thing and believes another.  

Too often we say we are part of a church, yet live contrary to the teaching of the church we profess. This is the case with Andrew Cuomo.  When it is politically expedient, and he is around God-fearing faithful Catholics, he professes to be a faithful Catholic. Thus, you expect to see his actions informed by the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of life.

His actions comport more like the priest Moloch, bowing down to his radical progressive base, sacrificing children to keep his job.


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