Having a Roe Attack?



The vacant seat on the Supreme Court refueles the abortion debate.  The left suffers from panic attacks. Fearing the reversal of Roe v Wade, pro-abortion activists present their issue as if it is the only requirement to sit on the bench.

First comes love. Then comes marriage… or not

The playground song about love has a lot of truth.  “First comes love. Then comes marriage.”  The result is a baby.  Each act of passion carries with it responsibility.  Passion always has a cost to it.  With the baby comes sleepless nights, constant needs, and a lot of poop.

Several years ago, The New York Times publish a piece about a law student who lived with her boyfriend and became pregnant with triplets.  In her mind the pregnancy was going to obstruct her plans to graduate from law school.  She aborted two of the three children. Abortion as a form of birth control, is the most common reason for the procedure.  It is nothing more than a form of eugenics, or the removal and extermination of the undesirable.  Since the advent of Roe v. Wade, we have sold generations of children, for an exchange of profit, and convenience.  Roe is a flawed decision, which if overturned, empowers each state to enact laws to protect life, as they did before Roe.  It will not ban abortion.

The larger issue involves sexual morals, and the trivialization of the sacred foundation of marriage.  One man, one woman, for a lifetime commitment.  Not just a piece of paper, but a relationship which is essential to the survival of a nation.  As the family goes, so goes the nation.  As history has proved, to minimize marriage, and redefine the family, is to redefine a society and culture.  It begins the process of calling good evil and calling evil good.

The proper source of law…

If judges create law, they overstep their designated authority in the Constitution.  Too often, courts create law and “rights”, bypassing the legislature.  This is why the left loses power with the appointment of a judge who looks at the Constitution through the eyes of its authors. Such a judge understands that American law is based on natural law, not the whim of nine lawyers in black robes.

DO NOT BE FOOLED!  Judges must interpret the law with the original intent of founders. That is their designated purpose under the Constitution. The pressure of public opinion should be irrelevant. Public demonstrations to influence the Court are good for fundraising and promoting left-leaning political agendas, but have no legitimate place in our constitutional governance

The battle before us is to convince members of the Senate of their obligation to confirm the nominee, based on his qualifications and willingness to uphold the constitution as the Rule of Law for the nation. And not for advancing a political agenda.

Pastor Austin T Kreutz is Theologian in Residence Salt & Light Global

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