Institute for Global Engagement Programs

Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. – Matthew 5:16

Salt & Light Global implements its vision through its three divisions: the SLG Academy, the SLG Institute for Global Engagement, and the Justice Center. The programs of the Academy and Institute work in tandem to equip individuals to engage in rebuilding their own communities through selfless service for the dual purpose of transforming law, policy, and governance and of helping communities thrive. The Justice Center defends truth and protects liberty in the courtroom and other public forums.

As the engagement arm of Salt & Light Global, the Institute for Global Engagement provides a number of opportunities for individuals to actively implement First Principles in their lives and communities.

Institute for Global Engagement Programs

At present, the Institute’s key programs include:

S & L Concerned Christians – Converting Ideas into Action

To ensure SLG’s educational programs equip Christians to impact the culture, a Practical Application accompanies each SLG educational program. The Practical Application shows Christians how to apply the lessons learned to their personal and professional lives.

SLG provides opportunities for Christians to independently serve their communities, especially those in need (e.g., widows, orphans, the persecuted, the homeless, the hungry, etc). These opportunities may be provided by other Christian organizations and ministries within the Salt & Light Global network.

Finally, SLG also provides opportunities for Christians to independently engage the cultural worldviews of the day, especially in the realm of law, policy, and governance.

S & L Brick-by-Brick ConsultingRebuilding on a Foundation of Permanent Principles

SLG provides Christian worldview consulting to any community or institution interested in rebuilding its cultural walls on the foundation of Permanent Principles. In areas of cultural decline, we inform the cultural worldview of the day, allowing Christ’s love and truth to restore cultural foundations, one person, one family, one church, and one community at a time.

S & L Prayer Points Interceding on behalf of our communities and nations

We know that the first level of engagement is prayer. To facilitate individual and corporate intercession, we distribute weekly prayer requests outlining specific needs that impact upon Permanent Principles, in all spheres, but especially in the realm of law, policy, and good governance.

S & L John 17 Unity Uniting the Church to Better Serve our Communities

We actively promote cooperation with other groups, ministries, corporations, etc. that seek to uphold the truth of God’s Word in our society. John 17 Unity strives to build unity and synergy within the Body of Christ by intentionally networking the SLG/ GLJC audience with various organizations.

S & L Guard – Monitoring International and Diplomatic Threats to Christians

SLG monitors international and diplomatic threats to Christians. Because U.S. Courts and regulatory regimes increasingly rely on transnational law, we are especially concerned with transnational initiatives impacting the family, the sanctity of life, and the freedoms of religious conscience and expression. Internationally, SLG hopes to engage the culture through NGO consultative activities at International and Diplomatic Forums. Under the direction of a Chief of Mission, the program might, for example:

  • draft proposed language for U.N. instruments;
  • intervene in international/ diplomatic forums (e.g., U.N. Human Rights Council, OSCE, etc.) in matters involving persecuted Christians;
  • provide expert non-partisan evidence and testimony; and
  • submit comments and analysis on proposed transnational actions ;
  • helps government institutions establish good governance practices that sustain integrity and preserve liberty

S & L Democracy and Good Governance / Rule of Law Assistance Promoting Good Governance across the World

Upon invitation, SLG provides democracy and good governance/ rule of law assistance anywhere in the world.  Specifically, we sponsor and participate in activities designed to establish good governance practices that sustain integrity and preserve liberty of religious conscience.  Whether helping to build a developing democracy or providing refresher courses on good governance practices, we use unalienable Truth as our guide. Using these Permanent Principles, our consulting activities include:

  • building government infrastructure;
  • implementing anti-corruption strategies;
  • promoting democracy and good governance under the rule of law to preserve unalienable liberty (e.g., freedom of religious conscience).

Justice Center Programs

Defending Truth. Protecting Liberty

Litigation (GLJC)Defending Truth. Protecting Liberty. (Litigation)

The primary focus of our litigation program is to strategically chip away at, and ultimately eradicate, the illusionary “living constitution” jurisprudence as a legitimate foundation for law and liberty. From a local township board, to federal and state trial courts, we champion the cause of the defenseless and oppressed through pro bono litigation and legal representation.

Supreme Court/ Appellate Practice (GLJC)Defending Truth. Protecting Liberty (Appeals)

We speak truth on behalf of the persecuted and most vulnerable in the highest and most influential courts.  Our lawyers submit well-reasoned appellate briefs before appellate courts, including the United States Supreme Court and the Supreme Courts of other nations. Each of these strategically filed briefs convincingly demonstrate the illegitimacy of “living constitution” social engineering arguments.

Sentinel (GLJC)   Monitoring Domestic Policy

We engage the culture through legal representation and other activities at local, state and national forums. (e.g., Federal Executive Branch Departments and Agencies)  The Sentinel program:

  • drafts proposed regulatory and statutory language for local, state, and national governments on initiatives impacting the family, the sanctity of life, and the freedoms of religious conscience and expression;
  • represents or supports persecuted Christians in local, state, and national public forums;
  • provides expert non-partisan testimony and comments on proposed initiatives impacting the family, the sanctity of life, and the freedoms of religious conscience and expression

Policy and Issue Analysis (GLJC) Analyzing Domestic Policy Initiatives

Our lawyers and policy experts provide preeminent expert policy and issue analysis. From a local government, to state and federal legislative and regulatory regimes, we provide Issue Briefs on proposed law and policy impacting the family, the sanctity of life, and the freedoms of religious conscience and expression. This non-partisan analysis on proposed local, state, and national governmental actions educates the universal church on matters that affect its ability to share the Gospel and fulfill the Great Commission.

Watchdog Fact Checking (GLJC) Exposing Dishonesties in Opposition Analysis and Commentary

Our lawyers and policy experts expose mischaracterizations, misrepresentations, and untruths in propaganda produced by those opposing religious liberty, freedom of expression, the protection of human life, etc.

Thus, when government acts without constitutional authority or uses “living constitution” ideas to infringe upon God-given unalienable liberty, we hold government accountable and work to ensure that freedom endures. Without fear or favor to any political party, we boldly proclaim and defend truth in love.