Justice Center Help University Students Land Religious Conscience Waivers



Our Justice Center assisted U.S. university students and professors seeking a religious exemption from mandatory COVID-19 vaccines.

The Great Lakes Justice Center fights for good governance and religious freedom.  Students and professors from many colleges and universities asked for legal help when their institutions mandated them to submit to the medical treatment.  For those assisted, the government mandate forced them choose between following God or obtaining a higher education.   

“We’re working with Christian professors, graduate students, law students, med students, dental students, and undergrad students with a wide variety of majors.” said William Wagner, President of the Great Lakes Justice Center.  “We walked them through the process of presenting a request for religious recognition,” he said. “These students are the best and brightest in academia, all who happen to hold deeply held religious convictions.” 

So far, all those assisted by the Justice Center have been granted religious waivers.

In a different matter, the Justice Center filed a federal lawsuit against Western Michigan University after officials prohibited participation in intercollegiate athletics for athletes following their sincerely held religious faith in connection with the shot mandate.  When the Justice Center filed its lawsuit on behalf of Christian athletes on the soccer team, Wagner stated: Abuse of power ends at the Constitution, and it ends today.  

Find the Great Lakes Justice Center website at www.greatlakesjc.org

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