Whose Justice? Whose Peace?



But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. – Amos 5:24

A wave of protest continues to cross the nation demanding justice.  Protesters pervert the slogan of “no justice, no peace,” applying it to any grievance one can concoct. Meanwhile, one of American’s favorite gods, football, joins the “social justice” debate.  To stand or not to stand during the National anthem continues to eclipse other major news stories in the press.

This begs the question, what is justice, and whose justice is real justice?

Today’s “Social Justice” is nether social nor just.  The term, emerged during the early to mid 1800’s, beginning with a concept of known as the “Social Gospel.” Liberal protestant churches, grounded in liberal theology, participated in social action to meet the needs of society.  Ministries engaged in charitable acts, giving aid and benefits to the needy masses.

A far cry from past history, today’s social justice groups center, not around meeting the needs of the poor and oppressed, but around a profound anti-Americanism turned radical.  Radicalism not only found in the streets, but in the halls of government.

Proponents of today’s “social justice” redefine common speech into contrary meanings.  They pervert justice to mean a form of equality found in the roots of socialism.  Thus, “no justice, no peace” evolves into equality without responsibility or work.  Our nation provides all with the opportunity to succeed and pursue their dreams.  Our Declaration of Independence proclaims we are “created equal.”  Thus, King George’s claim of divine right to rule, in the eyes of those who signed the Declaration, was null in void.  In God’s eyes, even the king was a mere man under God’s law.  Today, radical social activists take this sacred founding statement out of its context to justify their selfish social engineering.

What is the “social” of “social justice”?  Today social activists change the meaning to mean “the oppressed or under class” of the population.  In doing so, social change agents, (using Alinski-style tactics), attempt to destroy the very fabric of society.  In reality “social” is the fabric and glue that binds a nation together, found in a common bond to live in unity and harmony.  It is what defines us as a nation and our values toward one another.  It is a community which allows us all to pursue, Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

When a group demands their “rights now” without the accompanying responsibilities, their demands lack legitimacy.  Ignorant of facts, and unwilling to use the legitimate means of change, these group’s ideas and actions target to unravel the very foundations which gives them the right to protest.  This strategic coup is nothing more than socialist revolution at its root.

What is the “justice” of today’s “social justice”?  It is arbitrary justice that ignores the rule of law and seeks to make an “oppressed people” a victim.  Revolutionaries refer to these “victims” as “useful idiots;”  They are expendable people useful for seeding revolution. Often, they are ignorant of their nation’s history, or have been fed a false narrative of it.

If we are to have true “Social Justice” it will have to have the following elements to it:

  1. It is nonviolent in its approach. Martin Luther King is a prime example of nonviolent protest.  Anyone who saw the movie Selma saw the restraint and perseverance of the protest movement.  This was an interracial movement.
  2. A defined message with a defined solution. What is your message and what is your solution?  Is the means to your solution according to the means granted in the laws of the land, or are you using your message as a license to riot?
  3. A willingness to compromise. Are you willing to compromise to work toward your goals?  80% of something is better than 100% of nothing.  Change may take time to get fully what you want.
  4. Are you willing to participate in the solution? Most reformers who brought change did so at their own personal expense.  Our founding fathers did so pledging their lives and fortunes to the cause of founding a new nation.  Are you willing to do your part and become part of the solution?

We find the source of true social justice only in the life of Jesus and his followers. The Christian worldview brought forth, and continues to bring, more justice and social reform than any other form of philosophy or government.  The Bible serves as the best source of social justice, and has done so for centuries.  In it you will find the wisdom for change, and the justice that will bring about a prosperous nation for generations.  It is time to return to it!

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