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Daniel Wright

You cannot pour from an empty cup, nor can you shine a lantern without fuel.

We have all heard of Paul Revere’s famous Midnight Ride. Looking deeper than the heroic gallop, however, we find its success required brave, principled men and women engaged behind the scenes to equip those who would spread the word.

We encounter Dr. Warren, whose critical network of intelligence discovered when and how the threat would come.

We meet Robert Newman and his mother, forced by the law to quarter British troops in their own home, having to evade detection to allow young Robert’s escape in and out of more than one window on the crucial night of April 18th to meet vestryman John Pulling, Jr., at the Old North Church.

We follow Captain Pulling and young Newman up the stairs to the steeple with two well-supplied lanterns to signal Colonel Conant waiting on the Charlestown side.

We see Thomas Bernard waiting and watching outside the Church as the pair ascend high above him to display those lanterns, Bernard prepared to signal lest the enemy perceive their plans.

We cross the Charles River with two more friends who row Revere past the warship Somerset anchored there.

We accompany Revere to the home of Deacon Larkin who provides a good horse ready for the rider.

We happen upon Richard Devens riding in from Lexington with the news that he had encountered ten mounted and armed British soldiers on his way.

Just a few miles distant, in Lexington, Reverend Jonas and Lucy Clarke are sheltering John Hancock and Samuel Adams, despite the penalty for harboring those deemed traitors by the authorities.

All these essential links had to be in place before Revere, William Dawes, and Dr. Prescott ever hit the saddle that night. Without the actions of these brave individuals and many others, those riding in advance of the British could not have spread the word as effectively as they did. Ultimately, injustice would have prevailed without this unseen network of support.

Salt & Light Global’s Online Witness Campaign is no different. The lantern will not shine without the oil to fuel it. With experienced web support positioned and provisioned to exponentially increase Salt & Light Global’s online presence and social media reach, SLG can equip the multitudes to engage the culture as prepared and effective partners. Will you join us in helping to keep the lanterns lit and the riders supplied? Here is where to go to support our Online Witness Campaign

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