Perils of Prop 3 – A Legal Analysis



Lansing, Michigan – The Great Lakes Justice Center has prepared a response to Proposal 3.

The ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and other pro-abortion activists are promoting a ballot proposal to amend Michigan’s Constitution (Proposal 3). The “Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative” (RRFI), if passed, creates a new, unlimited, and unregulated right to abortion and an additional, undefined “right to reproductive freedom.” This radical proposal is not solely about abortion; rather, this poorly worded change to our State Constitution will create additional new rights and invalidates numerous existing laws protecting women, children, and parents.

These activists falsely claim the amendment merely places the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Roe v Wade back into effect. Nothing is further from the truth. If passed, the RRFI enshrines in Michigan’s Constitution the most extreme abortion law in America. The expansive, vague, and broad terms used in this new law are not defined. This new fundamental constitutional right overrides any conflicting statute.

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The Great Lakes Justice Center is a non-profit corporation dealing with Constitutional liberties and other civil rights issues. The attorneys at the center have spent countless hours to protect its client’s constitutional freedoms and are grateful to minister to such important causes.

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