The Message of Christmas and the Constitution

Christmas is the time of year that Christian citizens cerebrate one of the most significant events in all of human history, the birth of Jesus Christ. Every year though, like the ancient King Herod, someone tries to kill Baby Jesus sleeping in His manger.  Seeking to ban God from the public square, lawyers annually allege the Nativity violates the Establishment Clause of Constitution.

In this video you will learn how the Supreme Court stole the meaning of Christmas – and how the Great Lakes Justice Center, and the Faith & Freedom Center at Spring Arbor University, helped to restore freedom of religious conscious in our nation. 

About the Author

Prof. William Wagner
WFFC Distinguished Chair for Faith & Freedom at SAU
Professor Wagner holds the WFFC Distinguished Chair for Faith & Freedom at Spring Arbor University. He has a special interest in building and preserving environments where Christians may share the Good News of Jesus, free from persecution and oppression.

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