Destroying Liberty

Covid-Governance by Decree

by William Wagner

Constitutional structures and limits on the exercise of government power protect and preserve liberty, even during a pandemic. Many State Governors see Covid-19 as an opportunity to ignore such constraints, autocratically issuing despotic edicts. If left unaddressed, the rising tyranny threatens to destroy deeply rooted foundations of good governance under the Rule of Law. The blessings of liberty and prosperity come with responsibility. Each generation inherits a special trust to ensure the preservation of liberty and the moral administration of justice. As state governing regimes increasingly use fear to act without constitutional authority, and infringe upon constitutionally protected liberty, we the people must fearlessly fight to preserve the Rule of Law. If State Governors go further and tyrannically mandate vaccines without consent of the governed, the Federal government should exercise its power under the Commerce Clause to enact pre-emptive Federal legislation.

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