Justice Center Calls on Holland City Council to Not Violate the Constitution

Concerned citizens of Holland recently asked us to help them analyze and respond to the proposed “nondiscrimination ordinance” now before the City Council.  We believe the proposed Ordinance would have serious adverse consequences for the community and deserves serious study. We strongly oppose adoption of the proposed Ordinance and ask that the Council carefully consider our reasons for doing so. We sincerely believe that all citizens of Holland deserve to be respected and extended equal protection of the laws, as granted by our state and federal Constitutions. We do not believe, however, that the proposed Ordinance rationally or fairly furthers either of those aspirations. The proposed Ordinance presents three principle problems: (1) it creates an unworkable standard; (2) it is a serious threat to citizens’ constitutional due process rights; and (3) it not only fails to serve its stated purpose, but it contradicts that purpose.

Read more here: Holland SOGI Proposal, Comment FINAL  

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