Ten Week Worldview Seminar For Christians



Defending TRUTH

in a Culture of RELATIVISM

In our morally relative culture today, many Christians lack sufficient knowledge to defend their faith.  We are intellectually unprepared for the challenges that Marxism, Islam, Secular Humanism and the New Age pose to the Biblical worldview.

Defending Truth in a Culture of Relativism offers worldview training to counter this alarming trend…

Join this free ten week ONLINE SEMINAR
Every Sunday, Beginning MARCH 22
3-5pm (Pacific Time)
To register, email…
When registered, participants will be emailed with a PASSWORD for each session. Then … log in to ZOOM.US, enter the password, and you will be online in ZOOM, in the seminar.
The Seminar is No Cost but free will donations to the Worldview Studies Center gratefully appreciated

Instructor: Dr. Darrell Furgason PhD,

Distinguished Fellow, SLG

Director of the Worldview Studies Center

Dr Darrell Furgason’s involvement in Christian education exceeds more than 30 years. He taught in Christian schools in Australia, the USA and Canada. He  also taught in the Political Science department at Trinity Western University, Langley, BC. (2002). From 2006-2019, Dr Furgason served as an Adjunct Professor in the Jesse Helms School of Government, at Liberty University, Virginia. Dr Furgason has lectured on topics such as “Thinking Biblically” “Understanding Islam” and “Developing a Biblical Worldview” in more than 15 countries. He currently serves as the Director of The Worldview Studies Center, a ministry that equips Christians to develop a comprehensive Biblical perspective on every area of life. Dr Furgason holds a BA and B.Letters in Philosophy from the Australian National University, an MA in International Studies, and a PhD in Religious Studies, both from the University of Sydney.
If you have any questions about this seminar, please call
Dr. darrell Furgason

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