Raising Daniel, Esther, & Nehemiah

Training Children Who Live Out Their Highest Calling and Identity in Christ Amid a Corrupt Culture

Today, the enemy who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy is after our children’s identity. In a godless culture, how do we equip children to hold fast the Lord, to stand with confidence in the true identity He has given them, and to refuse to let the culture shape them? How do we prepare children to reclaim lost ground, lead others in returning to the ways of the Lord, and rebuild the walls?

Scripture provides practical answers for parenting and discipling a generation for such a time as this. Just as Lord provided godly parents and mentors for Daniel, Esther, and Nehemiah, the Lord is equipping Christian parents today to raise children who will to do extraordinary, eternally impactful things in the kingdom. This video presentation by SLG C.O.O. Katherine Bussard was originally recorded at the 2023 INCH Conference in Lansing, MI, and will explore scriptural examples of generational discipleship and leave you encouraged as you equip your children to stand for truth and contend for the faith. 

About the Author

Katherine Bussard
Ex. Director & COO
As Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Salt & Light Global, Katherine works to disciple servant-leaders in all walks of life, equipping them to share the redemptive love and truth of Jesus. She facilitates training in good governance for communities around the state, mentors other Christian women in leadership, and champions sound public policy. In speaking, writing, and serving, Katherine seeks to encourage the body of Christ to see all of who they are what they do through God’s Word. Katherine resides with her husband and partner in Kingdom service, Jeff.

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