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SENT’INEL, noun [from Latin sentio, to perceive.] In military affairs, a soldier sent to watch or guard an army, camp or other place from surprise, to observe the approach of danger and give notice of it.

– Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language

Our team often plays the role of a sentinel, vigilantly watching for threats to Christian people, and the free exercise of their faith. As threats are observed, our team swiftly informs you, so that you can pray and act accordingly.

At the beginning of each month, we post a new legislative tracking guide that surmises all movement on key policy issues at the state and federal level, with specific prayer points. All matters of public policy are filtered through a Biblical worldview lens for convenient, trustworthy reference.

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Legislative Trackers

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Legislative Update July – August 2023

Legislative Update June – July 2023

Legislative Update May – June 2023

Legislative Update April – May 2023

Legislative Update March-April 2023

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Prayer Guides

Sphere Sovereignty

As we seek to set apart Christ as Lord, we invite you to join us in praying and seeking the Lord’s will in different spheres of life. Please explore and share the following prayer guide(s).

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Comments on Federal Executive Policy

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Debunking the Lies

The Unbridgeable Divide Between Two Warring Faiths

Nero Fiddles While Rome Burns Your Child’s Academic Future

Concerns with the Proposed City of Jackson NDO

Sowing the Spirit: Thoughts on Election Day

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Court & Issue Briefs

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Justice Center Update for Churches on Gov’s New Decrees

Impact of Gov’s New Orders on Churches / Religous Orgs

Gov’s New Travel Ban Decree

LGBTQ+ Initiative Threatens Religious Freedom

Fighting for Christian Employers at Supreme Court

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