In Defense of Religious Liberty

by Professor William Wagner & Katherine Bussard

Two similar bill packages have recently been introduced in the Michigan legislature to address the subject of Hate Crimes. The Senate is currently considering SB 600 & 601, while the House is considering HB 5400 and 5401. These bills are an improvement on the Hate Crimes legislation that was being considered during the summer of 2023 (HB 4474-4477), in that actions that punishable actions are more narrowly and specifically defined. However, there are still numerous points of concern regarding how these new bills could potentially chill free expression of religious conscience and harm sincere Christian people acting in obedience to God’s Word. Our staff has been working to educate legislators on principles of constitutional good governance and the rule of law, as well as a proper understanding of the protections of the First Amendment.

Recently, we shared the following testimony with legislators:

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