The Litmus Test



The Supreme Court’s decision on same sex marriage deems sexual identity a fundamental constitutional right. The ruling provides a litmus test for churches and their members.

Churches who preach an uncompromising Biblical message will come in conflict with the Supreme Court’s ruling redefining marriage. The Bible reveals that God created man and woman to be joined in an exclusive sacred covenant called marriage. So important is this fact that it is found in both Old and New Testaments (Genesis 3:24, Matthew 19:4-6 and Ephesians 5:31). Yes, the Court’s attempt to socially engineer this truth out of existence lacks any Constitutional foundation whatsoever. Before we find fault with the Court however, it might behoove us to first look in our own backyard, beginning with the lack of biblical teaching found in the American pulpits today.

Sadly, these days churches focus too much on adding members instead of Disciples of Christ. Members join an organization; Disciples join the living Christ. Members come to be served; Disciples come to serve. Members pick and choose which beliefs they will follow; Disciples follow the Bible. Members bend to the pressures of society to conform; Disciples reform society.

While the media touts that religious liberty will remain protected, this is far from reality. Already pressures exist to have the church and its members conform to the dictates of the court, regardless of religious conscience. Freedom of religion is under attack. The rights of religious conscience, public expression, and free speech are all in jeopardy. Those seeking to silence the church will employ hate speech codes and shame to intimidate any opposition.

Now is the time for the Church and Disciples of Christ to stand not on their opinions, but on the time tested Word of God. Churches, who fear losing “members,” and the income desired to sustain their programs and buildings, need to return to preaching the uncompromising Gospel regardless of the cost. The Church is the moral conscience of society, and when she is silent, society is left with a moral compass without a needle.

If your Church fails the Biblical Litmus test, it is time to find a church that passes.

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