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Daniel Wright

As we come to the end 0f 2016, there is so much for which to be grateful. I especially express my appreciation to you for your prayers, support, and encouragement to Salt & Light Global.  You blessed us greatly as we worked together to preserve and shine truth in an increasingly dark culture. With your help, Salt & Light Global worked with communities to seek solutions informed by Truth, restore good governance under the rule of law, and preserve the blessing of liberty.
When unelected lawyers wearing Supreme Court robes deem that “personal autonomy” and “identity” justify everything from partial-birth abortion to same-sex marriage, it is not surprising that others now contend that men have a right to share the girl’s bathroom and shower at your local public school.  This social transformation without representation threatens the sanctity of human life and the free exercise of religious conscience.

In 2016, our strategic response included:

  • Equipping over ten thousand Christian citizens to engage the culture for Chris.
  • Instituting innovative social media and worldview education strategies.
  • Representing Christian public school teachers throughout the Unites States in a US Supreme Court case that decides whether a man, who personally identifies himself as a woman, has a right to share the girl’s bathroom and shower in your public school.
  • Representing Christians in Florida facing millions of dollars in federal fines for refusing to facilitate abortions. Praise report: We recently obtained an injunction prohibiting the federal government from forcing the Christian to participate in a process that results in an abortion of an employee’s unborn son or daughter. The injunction further prohibits the administration from issuing any fine to the owner for asserting his sincerely held religious beliefs.
  • Representing a pro-life group in the Michigan Supreme Court on a case involving the inherent value of unborn human life.
  • Representing a Christian student in Texas where the public school forced her to pledge allegiance to a foreign nation as part of a graded class assignment; yet, as a matter of constitutional law, allows students to refuse to pledge allegiance to the American flag.
  • Submitting official testimony and comments before numerous federal and state policy-making authorities on issues involving the sanctity of human life, the family, and the freedom of expression and religious conscience.

As SLG continues to educate, equip and defend the Christian citizenry in this country, words cannot express our gratitude for your friendship. With your help we can retake the territory of truth improperly taken by those who desire to live in a post-truth society. May God bless you.

In His Service,
William Wagner
and the Salt & Light Global Team




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